Peaceful Paws Dog Training
            - a positive approach to learning for your dog and you!
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Peaceful Paws Dog Training's Mission
Peaceful Paws Dog Training's mission is simple - to help pet owners better understand their dogs through education. Our goal is even simpler - to make learning fun for everyone involved!

Positive relationships are established through positive associations. By providing educational programs designed to promote reward-based training while focusing on the use of positive reinforcement, Peaceful Paws Dog Training helps strengthen the relationship between humans and their canine companions. This approach both develops and safeguards harmonious relationships by maintaining trust with our pet dogs.

Training your dog should be an enjoyable experience for you both. The more you can understand about how your dog thinks and learns, the more effectively you can communicate with one another. Clear communication means successful training and good behavior - with no need for force or coercion!
What Skills Will I Learn With Peaceful Paws Dog Training?
Peaceful Paws Dog Training can teach you and your dog essential life skills & etiquette and can assist with minor behavioral issues.

Our Essential Life Skills & Etiquette programs cover behaviors such as Name Recognition, Attention, Hand Targeting, Sit, Down, Come, Stay and Wait, Loose Leash Walking, Sitting Politely when Greeting Strangers and much more. Behavior modification programs are individually designed with your dog's specific needs in mind and can include barking, house & crate training, destructive chewing, and leash reactivity.

But Peaceful Paws Dog Training isn't just about your dog! Owner education plays an integral part in dog training so you'll learn human topics such as How Dogs Think and Learn, Dog Body Language, What to Do if You're Struggling, and Setting Your Dog Up for Success.

And that's not all!! Peaceful Paws Dog Training also incorporates real life skills and games into your program to help keep everyone motivated and engaged throughout the training process.
Why Choose Peaceful Paws Dog Training?
  • Develop and maintain skills essential to real life

  • Work in the comfort of your own home at your dog's pace with a trainer who is open to and supportive of both your needs

  • Learn how to Integrate fun games to help your dog learn

  • Build a better bond with your dog by using positive, non-aversive methods